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A University student trying to make a positive mark on the world, all the while training and racing to my potential in Triathlon :)

Dream Come True… Racing Kelowna Continental Cup 2014

This year has been a huge learning curve. I am no longer a junior and have moved up to racing as a U23 and entering more Olympic and non drafting events.

Three years ago, I would’ve never fathomed being at the ability level where I could enter a Continental cup. I remember a few years back watching the race in Kelowna and just dreaming that one day that could be me. Under my coaches guidance and overcoming a few setbacks that goal came true.

I have raced quite a few races this season including a continental cup in Magog, but I just want to give a quick review of my Kelowna race as without the help of my team, community and family I wouldn’t of been able to compete.

On Friday evening we had our pre race briefing. At this point I was pretty nervous as I could see that there were girls from Austrailia, the U.S.A and even one of my role models Paula Findlay and other top Canadians. I was thinking to myself “What am I doing here?”. I have never been so nervous to compete in a race because I knew it was going to be way out of my comfort zone, and that most of these women could run circles around me. All of my friends, team mates, and people from the tri community were there watching, and I really did not want to disappoint or get lapped out. I forgot to remember that this was my first big event and that there were no pre set expectations. Thankfully I had my boyfriend around to remind me of that. And to show me silly you tube videos that made me laugh….

We started on Sunday at 12pm after a few cups of coffee I had the morning to watch the ETA juniors tear it up (my tri family). There tenacity motivated me to just go out and give my best effort and HAVE FUN!

At the start line my HR was through the roof but as soon as the gun went off it was just a normal race, unfortunately my goggles filled with water and I couldn’t see #triexcuse, but I thought about just making forward movement and somehow navigated through the 750m. Unfortunately due to my inability to have a strong swim I was alone. My coach always says that the race is not over even if you have a bad swim. The course had a steep hill right off the start and I knew some girls would be fatigued by that point so I pushed hard to catch the girls ahead (the one time I am thankful for Emily Murphy repeats). I was able to catch a few and ended up biking with a girl from the U.S.A. We worked well together and made some time up that we had lost in the swim. I was so excited to be working with someone and was having so much fun that all worries I had before the race dissipated.

Onto the run it was two laps of a flat course. By now it was 30 degrees and I just focussed on catching the girls ahead and trying not to over heat. I was proud of myself for running under 20 minutes, and never have I finished a race so happy. This is why we do the sport, it makes you challenge all your self doubts, and proves how tough the mind and human body really are. 4 years ago I was someone who was scared to ride their bike and enter drafting races, now even though I came 13th/19th I am able to race at a continental cup.

I just want to thank my coach Kevin Clark and the Edmonton triathlon Academy for sticking with me and for helping me improve tremendously. Thank you to my mom and dad for supporting me passion and never telling me I couldn’t do something. Thanks to Dream Fuel and my community for funding me to race in Kelowna, being a student athlete is extremely difficult and your financial support helped tremendously. Lastly thanks to my Boyfriend Connor Wilson for your support, your love for cycling has really kept me motivated this season.

Now the last race of the season is racing in the World Champs as an age group athlete in EDMONTON !!!!!! Another first for me, and its in our home town!!!

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Canada Summer Games

I was fortunate enough to be selected to partake in the Canada Summer Games for Triathlon last week in Sherbrooke Quebec.

The events consisted of an individual sprint triathlon on the Tuesday, and two relay events that took place on the Friday and Saturday ( 250m swim, 6.6km bike, and 1.6km run).

After having a year away from Junior Elite it was nice to race some of my friends and Canada’s best juniors in the sprint event and to see how my swim, bike and run have improved since last year.


The swim consisted of a beach start in which you could do dolphin dives for at least 15m. I was dropped from the main pack from the start ( I need to work on the dolphin dives) but sprinted to catch up to the girls slightly behind. Coming out of the water I had a faster swim then my previous year but unfortunately my wetsuit zipper was stuck in my tri suit, as hard as I tried I couldn’t unzip the suit. Seeing me in a frenzy an official ripped the zipper apart. By this time I had lost a minute due to the suit and had allot of chasing to do. As upsetting as this event was for me you , I know you can’t dwell on unfortunate events and then biked harder then ever to try and make up lost time.


On the bike I ended up catching up to a few girls, but they were unable to hold my pace and take the corners sharply so I ended up biking on my own for the entire leg. I was too far back to catch the girls in the chase pack. Last year I was in a pack and this year I biked a similar time, thus showing that my bike has improved over the past



I couldn’t have been happier with my run time. I ran 19:28, a time similar to my previous year. With all of my setbacks this year it was humbling knowing that my original run form and speed has returned and that I am fit enough to be a competitor for this xc season.

At the end of the race I was pretty disappointed with the wetsuit situation, but you can’t focus on something you can’t control. I got to participate in the CSG ( which has been on my goal board for the past 2 years) and gave my best effort so there is nothing more I could’ve asked of myself.



In the female relay we each partook in a mini sprint. The 250m swim, 6.6km bike and mile run left no time for pacing, it was an all out sprint the entire way. I was the anchor leg and my teammates had opened up a considerable gap on third place. I held onto that lead to snatch us a second place finish for Alberta. It was a great way to end my junior career!

Thank you to those who helped me return to my original fitness despite the set backs this year. I owe a huge thank you to my coach Kevin Clark who helped me to remain patient after my injury and slowly built me back up to fitness. Also thank you for coaching me even though I am not a top level athlete, and providing me with the resources to reach my potential.I also owe a huge thank you to Susan Cockle thank you for helping me to learn how to stay positive and work past the obstacles. And lastly thank you to mom and dad without you there would be no way I would be able to afford participating in sport at higher level. Thank you for believing in me and never telling me I can’t do something that I am passionate about. Love you!


With the lessons I have learned from last season I will take a short break from training and then implement the info I have gained this year.


  1. Race like Tarzan train like Jane. i.e Training is not the competition ( although Jane my be faster than Tarzan… but anyways you get the point ;p)
  2. Listen to your body, understand the difference between training pains and injury pains.
  3. Rest and Recovery is part of the plan!
  4. Enjoy the experience
  5. Don’t compare yourself to others, only work towards what you are capable of.
  6. Lastly, Live in the MOMENT!


Thank you to everyone who has helped me out this season.


Here’s to a happy and healthy 2014!





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It’s Race Season! :) Yay!

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to write an update about May/ June.

This spring I enrolled in another psychology course as a requirement for my program and to make sure this is the career path I really want to follow. I am relieved to say that I absolutely am intrigued by the subject! I am now in the specialization of psych program and am taking political science courses. Whether its going into clinical psychology, becoming a physician, or politician science psychology will give me the means to better understand the needs of those around me and help others.

As for triathlon I am finally beginning to return to my normal run speed! These past few months have been extremely frustrating and difficult. First I had a stress fracture and then I had a very tight hip that prevented me from doing some difficult run training. I am happy to say that with some patience and physio I am back to normal training/ racing. My coach Kevin Clark really helped me get through this tough time and reassured me that if I was patient everything would be okay.. and he was right!  I’ve definitely learned many valuable lessons and have realized the importance of stretching/ strengthening weak muscles. I have incorporated more strengthening excercises, trigger point therapy and stretching into my daily routine so that the little muscles won’t fatigue.

Since May I have participated in four triathlons including my first Olympic Distance :)! Cornation was our teams first event. I was able to do the swim/ bike (1000m swim and 30km bike) but was unable to run due to my tight hip. Not being able to finish a race is such a horrible feeling, I knew I wouldn’t be able to do the entire thing from the beginning but still stopping is very frustrating. This is part of the tough process of injury and I knew that from then on I would begin to do everything possible to listen to my body and prevent injury.

By the next weekend the pain in my hip dissipated and I was able to race in our Team Champs ( Provincials in St.Albert the only people entered was my team mates 🙂 ). This race was draft legal. I surprised myself by keeping up with my good friend Alex on my new Madone, the bike miles I put in when I was unable to run have really payed off! Alex is very strong and often keeps up with the men on our team! We worked together a bit and even kept up with the ETA guys! I’m happy to say some of them got CHICKED ! Ha. The run also went better than expected considering I was not really running allot with my stress fracture and hip injury! I ran a comparable time to what I did last year! I was second overall to Alex and was very happy with my performance.


The next weekend we headed off to Calgary for the Canada Summer Games Trials race. Coming out of the swim I was with the chase pack of girls but could not get my wetsuit off. I ended up cycling on my own for a while and couldn’t understand why I was cycling so slow. I felt like I had no power. At the end of the race I noted that my breaks were rubbing on my back wheel 😦 ( note to self double check brakes before racing). Coming off of the bike I tried to forget about what occurred and set out to run as fast as I could. I was making up some time on the girls ahead but they had too much of a lead for me to catch up. I ended up coming 5th. At first I was upset with myself about my poor performance, but then I remembered that a few weeks prior I wasn’t running and should be grateful I am allowed to race. I am fortunate to have been selected for Canada Summer Games based on my performances from last year. The Games aren’t until August and with a few months to train I with out a doubt believe I will be very fit to race!

June 20-23 was the World Cup in Edmonton! Some of the worlds top triathletes and paratriathletes travelled to Edmonton to compete!

For this race I participated in my first Olympic Distance! I was so excited to race this distance as there were no times goals or race goals I was just going for the experience. The swim went better than I expected, I was fortunate to have United Cycle sell me at cost a Blueseventy Helix ( it is the most comfortable wetsuit I have every worn!) I came out of the water just 20 seconds behind a very strong swimmer on our team. But coming into transition I forgot where I had racked my bike ( note to self practice transition prior to the race!) I ran up and down in a frenzy looking at every single bike, after 2:50 I located my bike and was off on the bike course. This was my slowest transition to date :(. The bike was a 4 lap course with two steep hills. Thanks to Chantell Widney I had a pair of arrow bars which really helped me to pick up speed on the flats. My biking has improved allot since last year and I was very pleased to find out I did the 40km in 1:10. Coming out onto the run I was unsure how to pace it as I didn’t want to blow up. I think I was too conservative on the first few laps. Next time I race I will start out harder and hold a more consistent pace. Overall I was very happy minus the transitions with my performance and can’t wait to race this distance again next year at the WORLD TRIATHLON CHAMPIONSHIPS IN EDMONTON!!!! WOOT WOOT!


After our race I was able to stay and watch the Elite Athletes. I feel very fortunate that we have this caliber of racing in our own city, it gives me an idea of how fast I have to become to be competitive at this level and really inspires me to train harder. Edmonton’s Chantell Widney came 13th! She is one of my role models and I feel grateful I can train with her once and a while and learn from her.

My goal next year is to put in a solid season of training and compete in a continental cup… and possibly a world cup.

In the mean time I am training hard to represent Alberta at Canada Summer Games. My other team mate Adelaine Maunder is also on the team as well as Emily Wagner. Adelaine is a strong cyclist and Emily is a strong swimmer so I think we can perform well in the relays.

Thank you to my team mates and Coach for helping me to overcome some tough obstacles at the beginning of the season!

Give your best effort this season!


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Constantly learning life lessons!

Now that I have had time to reflect on the past school year I wanted to write a blog to have people learn from my mistakes. At the beginning of the year I thought I wanted to take on as much schooling/training as possible as I thought this would help me to complete my degree faster, and improve more as a triathlete… well I was wrong!

Taking a full course load with labs and training twice a day every day led to me struggling in Uni. With training at 6 and coming home at 7 left only the weekends to study and lets just say my grades were sub par. I acquired frequent nose bleeds and after talking to doctor it was linked to stress. Putting your body through this much stress when you don’t have to is just not worth it. I was so fortunate to be still accepted into the specialization program for psychology at the U of A due to extra curricular activities.

Lesson number 1: If you are not under a time crunch there is no need to rush school, be honest with yourself and take on as much as you can actually handle! I highly respect athletes who take 5 courses/labs and can still maintain a high GPA and train full time. You are superhuman!

This year I also got into the fixed mindset that training harder leads to an improvement in athletic abilities. While this is true to some extent, it can also lead to injury and burnout. Training became a competition each day. I believed that I had to “win” in training in order to succeed in races. I ran my easy runs faster than I should of, neglected to focus on technique in swims and always wanted to stay in the front in long rides. I began to loose my enjoyment for triathlon and acquired a stress fracture in my fifth metatarsal. The fracture was a blessing in disguise as it made me slow down and figure out where I went wrong. My coach was telling me to slow down and take it easy but my mind continued to tell me to go hard this was the cause of injury.

Lesson 2:

Training is not a competition, save that for the race!

Kevin always talks about the Monkey in your brain that tells you to behave in ways that are not in your best interest. I am now suppressing the inner monkey ;p and will follow my exact training plan, listening to everything my coach has to say. I am extremely fortunate to have a coach of his caliber and expertise and he sets out specific sessions at certain pace times for a reason.

During this period of trying to overcome my injury I have been biking more than usual and swimming more. Our team competed in a local spring series bike race last weekend (68km). We were racing with men between 20-40 The girls on ETA entered in the B category ( A,B,C). I surprised myself by holding onto the lead pack for 60km before blowing up lol. I don’t think my HR and power has never been that high for cycling before and I am sure that this period of biking has made me a stronger cyclist.

Not being able to run was equivalent to pulling teeth, it was a very frustrating time for me. But after 10 weeks of patience I am slowly making a return.  I decided to do a local x country race just so I could see for myself where my running was at. To my surprise I ran 18:35 just as fast as I used to. I was told I am running with a bit of a ganster limp ( whatever that means) but I should be back to normal running style over the next few weeks.


Other amazing things have been occurring in my life lately. I have been very fortunate to be accepted into the Trek Ambassador Program. I am looking forward to helping inspire the Edmonton community to make daily commutes by bike and to engage in cycling activities.

I have also been asked to be an ambassador for Fast and Female. Fast and Female inspires girls between the age of 9-19 to stick with sports and live healthy lifestyles by exposing them to athletes and global programmes.

The Create A Better Future website has also partnered with iHuman and will  launch this week. iHumaniHuman  is a non-profit organization that engages Edmonton’s traumatized youth who exhibit high-risk lifestyles – to foster positive personal development and social change through art. Their art will be posted on the CBF website and all profits made will go directly to supporting iHuman.

I have to say that this year has been a rollercoaster but I have learned many valuable life lessons and have become stronger more level headed person because of it. I am looking forward to this tri season and cannot wait to represent Alberta at Canada Summer Games!!!!!!

I hope you can learn from my mistakes, and good luck this racing season!


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When Life Gives you Lemons…

Over the past three weeks I have received some minor setbacks. 

A couple weeks ago I was running and had a sharp pain in my left foot, I have never had to stop during a workout before ( this was not a training pain). After a bone scan and x rays I discovered that I had a stress fracture in my fifth metatarsal on my left foot. 

Looking back I had been having pains in my foot for a period of a few months, but chose to ignore them because I was so worried about getting in as much training as possible in order to make improvements for next season.

I am writing this blog not to look for sympathy but to help others learn from my mistake. I have learned many valuable lessons from this small injury.

1. Listen to your coach and train in the correct zones. Trust that he/she sets out a specific training plan for a reason. I always pushed my runs harder than I should’ve and this was a mistake ( the thought that going harder in training will make you faster is false).

2. Training is not a competition. To me every session was a competition, I felt that to be the best you had to be winning each training session. There is no such thing as winning a training session! Winning a race is what matters! Don’t push your body too hard in training when the session is not set out to be above AT. 

3. Listen to your body. If you take a day off/ session off you will not lose fitness. My coach told us all to take a day off a week, and I did not listen. Your body needs rest, rest is just as important as training to regenerate all the damage you cause to your muscles.

I have been fortunate enough to still be able to bike/ swim these past five weeks, but taking away one of my favourite part of the sports (running) for 5 weeks has given me lots of time to reflect. I have definitely realized how much I truly love the sport and going back to training I will be grateful and excited to just be able to do the thing I love the most (Triathlon)! I will also listen to my coach and my body as I hope to have an extremely long triathlon career, and lastly I will respect and enjoy my team mates presence. They have been extremely patient in putting up with my competitive nature . I have been so fixated on my own improvements that I have neglected to enjoy the moment and give them accolades for their success. 

This injury has been a blessing in disguise; at the rate I was going I probably would have done more harm to my body. I now realize what I need to do in order to improve and enjoy this sport! As a member of the RTC I am fortunate to have an amazing team working with me ( My coach, sports psychologist Susan Cockle , Professor in Kinesiology Michael Kennedy: U of A, and Physical therapist Mira Jiandi ) they are extremely knowledgable and I will now listen to everything they tell me and get rid of that silly monkey brain that tells you to push through pain.

Next week I will be back to running, and Coach KC has no doubt that within three weeks I will be back to the fitness level I was at before I stopped running. I will be ready to race at CSG happy and healthy! 

As my friend told me there is always good luck in bad luck and I have definitely realized the good luck.

Thank you for following, best of luck this race season!



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Tuscon Arizona- Reading week training camp 2013

I quickly wanted to recap on my recent training camp in Tuscon Arizona under ETA head coach Kevin Clark and Team PB coach Barrie Shepley.

The camp was a week long and was focussed mainly on putting milage in on the bike.

Some of the toughest cycling workouts included a 40km climb up a mountain (Mt. Lemmon) I really surprised my self by doing the climb in 2:13, this was 18 minutes faster than my time last year. Now that I have been accepted into the Trek Ambassador program I am excited to see my improvements riding on a properly fitted bike!


We also were able to do some team TT’s and work on drafting skills.

All of our swims were in a beautiful outdoor pool. I even got to swim outside in the snow for the first time! Coach says ” We only trainy when its rainy” and even if you have to swim when its -5 you must face the conditions. While my swim is far from where it needs to be coach Barrie Shepley told me that I am one tough chick and that I must just stick with it and eventually things will improve. By witnessing the pro’s ( Andrew Yorke) swimming next to me and seeing there work ethic it made me feel reassured that if I put in the same effort than maybe one day I can represent Canada at an International level as well.


The runs were all off road, we mostly did long runs to put in some  milage after numerous track workouts. It was really peaceful running in between the mountains; definitely a great way to unwind after a stressful exam schedule.


Overall I had a great week and put in a lot of milage. I realized what I really need to focus on and will carry on that motivation to train hard into race season.

Happy training, and thank you to all the coaches and athletes who made camp such a fun experience! And especially my parents for allowing me to be able to attend training camps!

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2012 Accomplishments and 2013- Feel the fear and do it anyways

I felt the need to quickly recap on the 2012 year and thank those who have provided support to me as there are many things that occurred in my life that I never thought possible. These experiences have perpetuated me to set higher goals for 2013.

1. Firstly in 2012 I was able to move to Edmonton and train full time under the Edmonton Triathlon Academy and coach Kevin Clark. I owe a great deal of thanks to Kevin for he has travelled from his home in Scottland to the Great White North to help ETA athletes who are new to the sport develop to their full potential. Under his guidance I surprised myself in the 2012 season placing 5th at two of the junior Series race in Magog and Saskatoon, being able to race in PATCO junior championships and qualifying for Canada Summer Games. Two years ago I was happy to  not get lapped out in Junior series races, and this year to be a competitor was surreal.

In the 2013 season I will be back to step one, training harder to race double the distance. I hope to complete my first Olympic Distance race, race well at CSG and maybe even try a continental cup!

2. I also want to thank the Edmonton Triathlon Academy board especially Sheilla O Kelly for helping to develop an RTC in Edmonton Alberta. Under the RTC we now have access to recovery monitoring programs, track practices with the U of A and partnerships with United Cycle. We have a team of people who are helping to ensure we can become the best athletes possible; I am truly grateful. This is an incredible opportunity to develop as a triathlete, and I can’t think of a better place to currently be.

3. I also want to thank Susan Cockle, Sports Psychologist. Susan has helped me to become confident in racing and life and general, I look forward to whats to come now that I have overcome some obstacles.

4. Of course I want to thank Mom and Dad, without you I would not be able to fulfil my dream of racing at a high level in triathlon. I am extremely lucky to have parents who will help ensure I accomplish all of the goals I set out for myself.

5. Lastly in 2013 my goal is to do more philanthropic work as this is something that is extremely important to me. In 2012 a dream of mine came true; with the help of sponsors I created the Website Create A Better Future. This site helps to raise awareness about the local art community as well as local and global organizations. In 2013 I am particularly interested in displaying the artwork of the organization iHuman and helping to raise funds to ensure their organization will continue its amazing work for years to come.  Check it out

6. In 2012 I was fortunate to meet various University Administrators after receiving the Queens Jubilee Medal for community Leadership. They introduced me to the organization Wisest which works to inspire Aboriginal Youth to achieve  goals they to set out for themselves. I also will work with the Department of Science to organize fundraisers for the on campus foodbank etc.

2013 will be full of exciting opportunities; training under ETA,  working towards completing a degree which interests me (psychology), and meeting more inspirational people!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, new motto for 2013= Feel the fear and do it anyways.

Happy 2013 🙂


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Kelowna Race Report

Wow! Triathlon race season has finally come to an end for this year. With that being said  I wanted to right a race report for Kelowna as well as a summation of the 2012 season. 


Kelowna Junior Elite Nationals went well. My goal was to finish the race finished and I am happy to say that I have no regrets with this race. 


Going into the race I was ranked third, I had a great start position ( surrounded by strong swimmers). As soon as the gun went off I tried to maintain a high stroke rate to hold onto the feet of the ladies ahead, but was unable to do so. I went so hard at the start that after the first buoy I fell back to around mid pack. Next season I will definately be working hard to improve my swim! 

Coming out of the water I was with a pack of seven girls, we were down a minute thirty on the pack ahead. It was difficult to get everyone in the pack organized and working in a efficient way. Adelaine Maunder and I tried to push the pace but were unable to catch the pack ahead. 


I gave a hard effort on the bike and coming onto the run my legs felt like jello. We have been working all year on running off a hard bike so the feeling was familiar. Knowing that this was my last race of the year I ran as hard as I could. I was able to catch some girls in the pack ahead. Nearing the finish line I passed Maya Munzar, but she gave one last finishing kick and passed me at the end, it made for a great finish! Over all I finished 11th out of 30 girls. 


I am very pleased with how this season went. My goal was to finish this season ranked 14th, but I have surpassed my goals by placing 5th and 6th  in two of the junior series events. Through consistent training and having a supportive coach  I have improved allot since last year. I am looking forward to getting back to training and working towards becoming a strong U23 athlete. 


Now it is time to focus on Cross Season, training and my second year of University. :)!!


Congratulations to all of the Junior’s who raced this season! Enjoy your time to relax and see you next summer!



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St.Albert Triathlon :)

Today my team and I did a fun race out at St.Albert. This was a race to test our fitness and boost our confidence leading into Kelowna. With no pressure, it was a great race to critique transitions etc.



My plan for the race was to swim hard, bike hard, and take it back a little on the run. The run takes the longest to recover from and I want to have fresh legs for nationals. The bike course was an out and back with rolling hills, I am used to riding with a pack, so this was a great way to work on the mental side of the sport. When you are alone it is allot easier to lose concentration. 



I biked faster than I have in a while. Coming off of the bike I ran relaxed and strong and was very pleased with my time of  over all 1:06. My achelles has been bugging me, but with regular IMS treatments the tightness is quickly dissipating and it ached a little on the run. 


These last few weeks have been somewhat stressful with having to take time off training, volunteering, and prepping for school. Living without parents or people around just amplifies the stress. But I find that once I race that all goes away. Thats why I love our sport , I always finish a race stress free and feeling totally elated seeing that all the hard work is really paying off!


Congrats to my team on their performances today, now its off to the last race of the season: Kelowna!










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Ottawa Canadian Junior Elite Race #3

Hey everyone 🙂

On Saturday August 5th I competed in the Ottawa Junior Elite Triathlon. Even though it was a junior elite race the U23 and elites competed in our race too. This was a great experience as I will be a U23 next year.

The swim was a deep water start and even though I was third to choose my location everyone swarmed to the start and I was pushed to the middle of the start rope. The swim was the roughest I have ever experienced, girls kept pulling on my feet and swimming over top of me. I tried to not let that bother me and just focussed on moving forward. Unfortunately with all of the turmoil in the middle I was forced behind to near the back of the swim group. The swim was disappointing for me as I had a good start position and was hoping to hang onto some fast feet.

Coming out of the water I was with a group of three girls. I pushed hard and we caught up to a group of two girls. We were making some time on the chase pack, but never did catch them. I had to pull for most of the bike. In training we focus on running off of a hard bike so I was hoping that if I pushed hard I could make some time up on the pack ahead and then run my way up to some of those girls.

On the run I paced it well. I started out fast, held a consistent pace, and then ran my last km the fastest. I ran well, but did not make up enough time on the bike to catch most of the girls in chase and lead pack.

I was happy with my over all effort and learned some valuable lessons from this race. My next race is in Kelowna in two weeks, this is the Junior Elite National race. In this race I will make sure that I am in a good position in the swim, push hard on the bike, and finished finished on the run. 🙂

I can’t wait!

Jessie 🙂

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